Wednesday, 2 March 2011

As we are making a school website to begin with we had to research other sites to see how they were set out and they type of information they had on them. We looked at the layouts and the wording they used. We also noticed that there was a lot of visual links on the site to show either pictures of the school grounds, teachers or the students in sports or lessons.  There was also a banner at the bottom or on the side of the pages showing the sponsors of the schools. As we were looking at the sites some schools instead of just pictures began to make short videos on the sites of students taking about their school or just images of the school grounds.

Mock site
We were told to design a school website for a made up school of our choice with a parterres or on our own.  We decide to have a partner and we called are school brambly high school. We chose the colours red black and white. This was because we looked at the colour wheel and saw what colours worked best together.
We design the logo in Photoshop allowing us to overlap the lettering on top of each other. We could also change the font in to the design that we wanted.  We made the layout of the site very straight forward allowing people to see the main point of the site and not spending ages to find what they’re looking for.  As we saw a few of the school site we had looked at made videos we also made a short film for our site.  The site followed through with the colours we chose all the borders were red, white and black.

Charity site
At the begging we were given a list of subjects we could chose from at a charity point of view. It could range from abuse to animal cruelty. My partner and I chose to do a drug site to show the awareness and allowing people to get more information and help.  Were planning to do 8 pages , including :
·       Homepage
·       A-z of drugs
·       Questions and Answers
·       More information
·       How to get help
·       Contact us
·       Interviews
·       Top 10 -Most dangerous
·       Most popular dugs
We will be putting equal amount of work into these pages. Our site is amid at young teenagers who are dealing with change, stresses and the drama of trying to impress people by using drugs and showing them that it is not the way to go.

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